Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Brown Box Formula is LIVE!

Hey You!

Today is the day to change your path and join Amazon to dominate your
niche (and sell a lot more "stuff" online)…

Here is what I'm talking about: 
The Brown Box Formula

The "Brown Box Formula" by Ezra Firestone just went live and it's sending
shockwaves through the community for two reasons:

#1 The price is about 80% lower than everyone thought it would be.
#2 The training is the best that Ezra has ever done, and it outlines
the most honest method I've ever seen for launching a real business online
#3 The "reveal" of a secret "Brown Box" mastermind that will have its members
dominating the Amazon/eCommerce space for years to come.
#4 One surprise so big you'll only see it AFTER you've joined up.

This is the CUTTING-EDGE new direction for 2013. If you miss it you miss the future.

Check it out here: 
The Brown Box Formula

Talk Soon,
Paul Bergeron

P.S. I am going through this training and so is my staff. I'll be active in the
mastermind and hope to see you there.

P.P.S. Did you see the videos that Ezra put out over the last week where he
built a brand-new product site from scratch and already made sales! And his
clicks here only $0.42 a click! This is incredible... it changes everything!

Go check it out here: 
The Brown Box Formula
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