Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Get The Ultra-Responsive List You Deserve

Feeling Overwhelmed?  Here's the Cure!

Managing all the different places to market your website can be completely overwhelming.  Just traffic exchanges and safelists can amount to thousands of sites.  You are lucky to keep track of a couple dozen.

Well, Matthew Graves from Web's Best Marketing just made our job a lot easier with his latest mailer/safelist program called HotListMailer.

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In addition to being a mailer or safelist based on the same engine as Matthew's other top-ranked mailers, HotListMailer has some really unique features.

The biggest help to your overwhelm comes from the Dashboard.  You can link your account at HotListMailer to your accounts at other participating safelist, mailers, and traffic exchanges so you can see all your stats in a single place.  Instantly see where you can send an email and where you need credits.  Anything on the sites is just one click away from the dashboard.  All of Matthew's 8 sites can be linked into one interface.

Join HotListMailer From Here!

HotListMailer also has the SPEEDMailer, which allows you to enter your email once to the HotListMailer members and then the system will tell you what other sites you can also send it at.  Just check the boxes and send from all the sites at once.  That lets you email tens of thousands of members from a single form!

You need to join HotListMailer today.  It is going to be a revolutionary, top-ranked site, just like Matthew's other mailers have been!  Come see it in action!

Join HotListMailer From Here!

See you on the inside,
Paul Bergeron